When it comes to food products, freshness and safety can make all the difference. That’s why refrigerated and freezer display cases are designed to the highest technical standards and rigorously tested at our Lead Design Center to ensure the quality of our customers’ food inventories.

Dale’s Service & Refrigeration, in Watertown, WI, is your local expert for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning needs. Leveraging the industry’s most advanced technologies, Dale’s Service & Refrigeration provides commercial refrigeration solutions to meet the needs of all types of stores, for all small and large commercial businesses alike. Our systems are available in a wide variety of unit styles, each recognized for quality, performance and energy efficiency:

  • Service counters
  • Refrigerated multidecks and semi-verticals
  • Wall-sited cases and islands
  • Vertical freezers
  • Plug-in cabinets
  • Refrigeration systems and controls

As a trusted, family run business in operation since 1982, Dale’s Service & Refrigeration is your best help when it comes to commercial or industrial refrigeration services having over 32 years of industry experience. Our highly skilled techs can handle your installation, maintenance, upgrades or repair work with dexterity. No repair, maintenance or installation job is too challenging for our experts and when we experts undertake a project, you can be rest assured that it will be done right.

Performance meets efficiency

Customers do not need to choose between performance and efficiency when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Dale’s Service & Refrigeration offers a comprehensive selection of turnkey solutions, cabinet accessories, remote monitoring services and maintenance agreements that can help reduce operating costs while preserving the safety and appearance of food supplies.

Commercial Refrigeration Services

From refrigerated merchandising cabinets to freezer rooms, Dale’s Service & Refrigeration offers quick refrigeration services to ensure they work well for your business. Our expert techs understand how daunting it could be to your business if one of the essential refrigeration systems stops working.

Industrial Refrigeration Services

As an authorized refrigeration and air conditioning repair service provider, our highly trained techs can perform thorough inspections, installation and maintenance works with complete dexterity.

Emergency repairs may cost more than planned and organized repairs (add on the cost of lost business due to inactivity of the system), that’s why our experts take a proactive approach to detecting impending technical problems and eliminating them effectively.

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